Why Bagels?

We learned the bagel business from scratch and today, this is the only place in Aruba where you will find such a large variety of bagel flavors and so many options for a complete breakfast.
Based on our experience of over 12 years serving people from all over the world, we offer well thought out  and delicious combinations of complete breakfasts to suit every taste. We hope you enjoy them! And remember, with us you can always pick and combine options to create your own perfect breakfast.

Who We Are

Dushi Bagels & Burgers  is a family owned and operated restaurant.  We moved from Argentina in the year 2000 following a dream: Open a successful food & beverage business, have quality family time and enjoy this small paradise island called Aruba. Back then, the family was much smaller, while today we proudly added a new generation!

What DUSHI means?

DUSHI is one of the most popular and common words in Papiamento, the native language of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. It’s a mix of Portuguese, Spanish, English and Dutch.

This word has a variety of meanings: You use it for “tasty” foods, “sweet”, delicious, delightful, sweet, sugary food.

It is used for very pleasing situations and/or atmosphere; to describe good things in life.

Also calling someone “Dushi” means “sweetheart”, dear, love, beloved, honey, sweetie, “babe” and “sexy”.

Why Burgers?

Over time and with the addition of a variety of unusual gourmet burgers, we grew to become a laid back restaurant where locals and tourists alike treat themselves with breakfast, lunch, and dinner or just a drink at our terrace  overlooking the excitement of the hotel strip, the hot spot where things happen in Aruba!

Besides the island residents, more and more visitors from abroad have become our extended family returning each year to say hi and try our creative menu novelties.  Not to worry, the traditional items and house specialties will always be on the menu.

Our aim is that you enjoy your experience with us and that you too become part of our extended family.

Aruba’s National Anthem is   called “Aruba Dushi Tera” – which stands forAruba Sweet Land”